A 19 year old girl who still hasn't gotten over playing dress-up and aspires to be a graphic designer someday.

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Rainy day coffee break earlier. ☕️ (at EDSA Beverage Design Studio)
Menswear twinning with @nikkafatima. 👯 #sunniesgals (at Sunnies Studios HQ)
Comfy comfy. 😊
Bag O’ Shrimps
Hi there! 🐶 Made an ig account for Mochi to post all our doggie-related pics @mochipoochi!
Watching 101 Dalmatians with my baby. 🐶❤️
With @nikkafatima. Last post of this outfit! Haha, I just couldn’t choose! Photo by @mjgenoveza #SunniesGals
Blogged about Tokyo DisneySea at http://sartorialpanda.com! :D